May. 13th, 2011

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Item: It looks like Eliza Dushku will be appearing on the Torchwood web series.

Item: Buffy Season 6 is no longer canon.
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Why has this rule been in place for so long?

'Shipping' is not allowed on Whedonesque. Any post or comment that is aggressively focused on any particular 'ship' or any particular actor and/or actively supports fan factions and feuds is subject to deletion.

Apparently this is going to be part of someone's PHd thesis so it's been in my mind of late. Well years ago the Spuffies and Bangels were fighting so much, it was derailing any thread we had about Buffy. There may have been a "oh Joss reads the site so we'll have to show our strength" vibe behind this but I've never seen anything concrete about it. However the fighting got so out of hand despite bannings (people would re-register afterwards to carrry on fighting) and warnings so we brought in a zero-tolerance policy. And things settled down. Well generally. There is the occasional coded attack and flare-up. And I do get a shipping smear tactic lobbed my way from time to time "you can't trust him - he hangs round at Cold Dead Seed, he's pro Bangel or he has Spuffies on his LJ flist". But I don't take those seriously.

Can there ever be peace between the rival factions? I don't think so, it would be great if there was mutal respect but it all seems to be about separation in the fandom over the last few years rather than inclusiveness. Good luck to anyone trying to sort it out.


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