Aug. 2nd, 2011

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Aug. 2nd, 2011 12:00 pm
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  • Mon, 12:11: My two new Harry Dresden books have turned up, so that's good.
  • Mon, 12:15: "Careful now, down with this sort of thing" - Christian protestors at Belfast's Gay Pride parade
  • Mon, 14:38: How is this guy still in business?
  • Mon, 18:33: That Spike comic book was possibly the sneakiest fan action that Dark Horse could have done. It's what I would do.
  • Mon, 22:43: Hooray! There is an official Whedonverse connection, it can be tweeted about.
  • Mon, 22:48: Happy birthday to @Sunfire2109 , any mod whose name begins with S is awesome.
  • Mon, 23:20: "Klout believes whedonesque is influential about parking." ahahahahahaha
  • Tue, 05:50: I did kinda cringe for Drew Z. Greenberg when I read it
  • Tue, 06:07: A scifi movie about an assassin tumbling in space, waiting to die? Hmmmmm.
  • Tue, 10:03: Falling Skies is turning into a really good show. It's quite the hidden gem.
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1) The Hour - highly addictive BBC drama set in the 1950s. None of that Downton Abbey nonsense for me, oh no.

2) Falling Skies - best scifi show since Threshold. Note to V, Flash Forward & The Event execs, this is how you write decent characters.

3) Torchwood - every series is different. That's the joy of it.

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Aug. 2nd, 2011 10:23 pm
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What does "interesting ideas afoot" for the Buffyverse actually mean?

Source: (spoilers for Buffy Season 8 - though really if you don't know by know then I wouldn't bother looking)


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