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Which is always good to hear. The consultant said there was no major problems with my throat, it look flushed but that was about it. Also said that he wouldn't have known I was a former heavy smoker from looking at my throat. So I have to drink more water and cover my head with a towel and hover over some steaming water for ten minutes. Still have the bloody pain but at least I know it isn't major. Kinda glad I did go private as I don't think I could have waited another month.
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So I got a private referral to the consultant. And I'm going to see him a lot quicker than on the NHS. Today in fact. At 3.45pm. Really sums up the state of medicine in this country.
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I have had a sore throat every day for the last two months . I will not be able to see an Ear, Noise and Throat consultant about it until November 14th. I can not wait another month. This is why I am going to the doctor tomorrow to see if it is possible to get a private referral. I really don't care how much it costs but I want to know to what it is wrong with me. I have been prescribed two series of antibiotics and stuff to gargle with. All of which has had no effect. I gave up smoking a month ago in the hope that this might improve things. Tt hasn't. It's not sore all the time and it's not too painful or anything like that. It's just there. This dull ache which flares up from time to time.


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