Jul. 17th, 2011

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1) The promotion of the Angel and Faith ship. Fangel? Anth? Who knows what to call it. The reason why this will be promoted is two fold - they do have a chemistry together and it will annoy the Bangel shippers. What you haven't noticed the coded "Angel with anyone else but Buffy" fan postings over the last few months?

2) The extreme nervousness regarding Spike in Buffy Season 9. To a large extent the Spike fandom stayed aloof from Seaon 8, mocking and praising it where appropriate. Once Spike returned, things got angsty. How Buffy/Spike will be portrayed in Season 9 will be the major source of contention for the next couple of years.

3) Dark Horse getting better at promoting the Buffyverse. Whilst the "OMG Dark Horse hates us!" reactions were downright daft, some Dark Horse's PR efforts were a bit cackhanded.

4) The growing impact of the social media fandom's take on the two series. If you go any Buffyverse forum these days, it's "oh look it's X who will say Y and Z will disagree". It's a bit predictable. How fans will view the comic books on the social media sites will be more refreshing. Tumblr in particular will be one place to look out for.

5) A growing movement for an end date to the Buffyverse comics. This will come from all sides.

6) More revisionist thinking regarding Season 8.

7) Andrew Chambliss, Rebekah Issacs and Christos Gage wondering what they got themselves into.

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Jul. 17th, 2011 12:00 pm
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